Converting your textual news website to a live radio station, with state of the art voices, not those annoying robotic readers.


Converting your textual news website to live TV station. Superb 4K quality, fully compatible to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok and advertising.

Mobile App

Next Generation A.i. and Machine Learning driven news Apps: with special focus on user’s loyalty, superb experience and multiple monetizing elements.

Readers can now listen to stories With REAL -not robotic sounded- voice

Real-sounded voice with emotions, correct names pronunciation, emphasis in the right contexts, clear and high quality sound: High Quality and Absolutely Natural Audio versions of your articles can now be available on your website and app, giving readers even more flexibility in ways to consume your journalism. It feels like 100% real, it perform accurate as no real reader can do!

When we first began testing audio articles on our favorite news websites, our thinking was that this feature would appeal to readers during their commutes. We’ve been surprised and pleased to see steady adoption and use over as many people continue to work from home. What we’ve learned from users is that they listen to the news while doing other things, and are consuming far more content than they would normally.


First month - free 100 articles. No commitment (available only for popular sites).

Next: $1,000 per month for 200 articles. Cancel anytime.  


$2,000 per month for 500 articles.


$3,000 per month for 1,000 articles.

All packages include free optional white-label radio station platform with monetization tools, white label mobile radio app and Audio advertising generator.